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Hi 👋🏼, I’m Ardavan

I’m a product designer based in Toronto, and currently working on a very cool and exciting product for very young students @Xello.

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If you can read this, you’re probably a living human. The chance for that to happen is very very tiny in this universe. So you’re absolutely lucky. That, deserves an appreciation and gratitude. Love yourself and others.
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We launched Xello Elementary

/ Sept 2019

How did we build Xello Elementary

In this semi case study I'm going to lay down the process of building a product for young students.

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These are some of recent projects that I can talk about.

Xello Design Principles

At Xello, we have been talking about having design principles for a while, but never felt the necessity of it throughout our design process.
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Xello Design System

Why did we start thinking and planning our design system, and when was the best time to start a design system.
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Signature ‘Like’ Button

Like button has humanizing effect on Xello UI. It allows students to express feeling to their fav career.
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In 2018, I wrote a series of articles on creativity as to fulfil my own curiosity, and gather prominent scientific literature on that topic.

/ Part 1

Creativity: What, exactly, is it?

The Greeks believed that a certain amount of knowledge and skill were required to practice a craft. However, the creative had to be infused divine inspiration as well.

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/ Part 2

Creativity: What’s the process? 

In this part, I’ll look at the creativity processes and the models that explain how creative process takes place.

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/ Part 3

Creativity: Who is creative? 

In this part, I’m gonna tell you what I learned about the essential component of creativity and the main catalyst — the creative self. I’ll look at creative individuals and their different qualities.

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