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Hi 👋🏼, I’m Ardavan

I’m a product designer based in Toronto, and currently working @Xello parental access. Previously designed the elementary product for young students.

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If you can read this, you’re probably a living human. The chance for that to happen is very very tiny in this universe. So you’re absolutely lucky. That, deserves an appreciation and gratitude. Love yourself and others.
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Recent Case Studies

/ March 2020

Xello Resume Builder

Resume builder is a part of Xello toolset that allows students (grade 6-12) to learn about resumes and help them create.

/ Sept 2019

Elementary Lessons

This is how we built lessons for elementary students. A walkthrough.

/ Sept 2019

How did we build Xello Elementary

In this semi case study I'm going to lay down the process of building a product for young students.

/ December 2019

Nobubar Brand Strategy

Nobu is a protein bar producer startup with lots of cool attitudes so I decided to help them with their branding and packaging strategy and directions.

Full case study hasn't been published yet.
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Some other projects

Designing the Design Principles

At Xello, we have been talking about having design principles for a while, but never felt the necessity of it throughout our design process.

Xello Design System

Why did we start thinking and planning our design system, and when was the best time to start a design system.

Signature ‘Like’ Button

Like button has humanizing effect on Xello UI. It allows students to express feeling to their fav career.
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In 2018, I wrote a series of articles on creativity as to fulfil my own curiosity, and gather prominent scientific literature on that topic.

/ Part 1

Creativity: What, exactly, is it?

The Greeks believed that a certain amount of knowledge and skill were required to practice a craft. However, the creative had to be infused divine inspiration as well.

Read the full article

/ Part 2

Creativity: What’s the process? 

In this part, I’ll look at the creativity processes and the models that explain how creative process takes place.

Read the full article

/ Part 3

Creativity: Who is creative? 

In this part, I’m gonna tell you what I learned about the essential component of creativity and the main catalyst — the creative self. I’ll look at creative individuals and their different qualities.

Read the full article
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I'm currently looking for other opportunities, so please take a look at my resume, or my portfolio slides and feel free to email me.

You can also find me on Medium, Dribbble, Twitter and of course LinkedIn.

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