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TheScore Design Challenge

TheScore design exercise is about designing a mobile experience for moviegoers to browse and purchase tickets on the go. The first part was a wireframing exercise for two pages for selecting a movie and selecting a theatre. The second part was about designing two pages of high fi interface design for selecting movie time and selecting seats. Another part of the task was to record design assumptions as thinking through the problem.

I planned to be aware of my time and avoid overwork, so I timeboxed this task to 5 hours. I started by searching up various movie apps through the app store and tried a few of them to enrich my experiential knowledge to form a pov, then to hypothesize. To narrow my approach I built assumptions based on specific scenarios.

Part 1: Wireframing Exercise

Selecting a movie

Selecting a theatre

"Selecting a Movie" and "Selecting a theatre" wireframes
From left to right: Selecting a movie wireframe, selecting a theatre wireframe

Part 2: Layout Design

Select Time

Select Seat(s)

This page is just a practice and not a functional project. Thanks for visiting.