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Xello Resume Builer

Resume builder is a part of Xello toolset that allows students (grade 6-12) to learn about resumes and help them create and download resumes.

This feature will give Xello a competitive advantage in the market by completing its collection of tools that is offered by our competitors.

The challenge

We want students to be able to mindfully create resumes, and share it with employers. We believe a guided experience will help students learn about resumes by providing general and contextual supportive content considering students’ knowledge and needs. The aim for this tool is to help students to demonstrate their qualities in the best way possible to employers.

This feature is going to be used by a wide range of students and must take students’ age and knowledge into consideration. It must leverage the data that we already have about students to be used on their resumes.

The Solution

A guided experience that allows students to learn about resumes, and help them build resumes. The experience begins with a quiz that educates students about resumes by providing an easy to answer single question. Adding this good friction allows us to hold the user and deliver the necessary information before building a resume.

A mini quiz to remind the student of what resumes need to accomplish
A mini quiz to remind the students of what resumes need to accomplish

Users would be able to access the information in the quiz under the help drawer. The drawer would slide in (transition) the first time users land on the page to teach the user where to find the drawer.

Help drawer slides in to reenforce its existence
Help drawer containing the quiz information slides in automatically to reassure findability.

Resume Builder provides ready to use sections with student information that we already have from the students. In each section, students can refine what we have pulled from their profile and add it to their resumes. Every section provides tips and examples to give them contextual information on things they should consider or avoid.

Section page with tips and samples
Section page with supportive contextual tips and samples.

Sections can be rearranged hierarchically for those students with little or no experience. It will allow them to deemphasize the experience section and replace it with their interests or activities.

Main resume page empty and filled states
Main resume page empty and filled states
Generated PDF resume
Generated PDF file that student can download

Roles & Responsibilities

User Types

Students in grades 6-12: this means a wide range of users with different needs and acquired knowledge. Younger students will have no experience in building resumes, and some might be their first time building one.


The process started with gathering examples from across the web to set the expectations and for comparative analysis. This helped us to define our goal and gave us a clearer picture for what needs to be delivered. We looked at 15 different services to identify their strengths and opportunities for improvements.

Competitive analysis summary
Conclusive summary of competitive analysis

We designed a model for different stages that the user needs to go through for completing a resume. This bigger picture will help us to fine tune the details for the information architecture and a strategy to build the structure based on the moment in the flow. 

The experience model is a great tool to approve and make consensus on the bigger picture before diving into the exploration of the UI and visual structure.

Conceptual model and the user flow wireframes
Conceptual model and the user flow wireframes
Thanks to Kim Turnbull my PO in this project who was super supportive on creative explorations.